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Company NameTomishiro Products Co., Ltd. (Download Company Profile)
Established6th June 1994
Annual Sales¥623,395,831 (28th term)
Board MembersPresident and CEO: Yizhe Liu
Senior Managing Director:Shigefumi Hashimoto
Managing Director:Kunihisa Takaki
Director General:Mayumi Adachi
Number of Employees28 (As of May 2023)
Location of Head office3684 Madokoro, Oita City, Oita Prefecture 870-0268 Japan
Phone (Facsimile)+81-97-592-6688 (+81-97-592-6699)
Major banksThe Howa Bank Ltd. Ozai Branch
The Oita Bank Ltd. Ozai Branch
Mizuho Bank Ltd. Oita Branch
Japan Post Bank
(In no particular order, titles omitted)
Major Importing Countries People’s Republic of China
Republic of Indonesia
Kingdom of Thailand
Republic of Singapore
Union of Myanmar
Federative Republic of Brazil
Republic of the Congo
Federal Republic of Nigeria
ContentsPet related
・Live food
・Dry food
・Frozen food
・Tropical freshwater fish
・Reptiles, Amphibians
・Breeding supplies and aquarium supplies

Fishing gear related
・Live fishing bait
・Oyster Shells

Electric appliances
・Various LED lightning fixtures
・Digital signages

Renewable energy
・Small wind power generator

・Import agency
・Export guidance
・Field survey
・Investment information
・Temporary staffing
・Entrepreneurship consulting
Main clientPet related
・Topcreate Co., Ltd.
・Charm Co., Ltd.
・O.C.Farm Co., Ltd.

Live fishing bait
・Hara-shoten Corporation

Oyster Shells
・Takamasa Jojima
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Group company
  • Tomishiro Foods Co., Ltd. (Download Company Profile)

  • Tomishiro Agri Co., Ltd.

  • Tomishiro Solar Power Co., Ltd.

  • Tomishiro Planning Co., Ltd. (Download Company Profile)
  • Related organizationNonprofit Organization AU
    Related groupBeijing Fucheng Air Travel Technology Co., Ltd.


    I.Business is about people-to-people relationships
    It was through people-to-people relationships that we were inspired to start our company, and it was through people-to-people relationships that we received the big hint that has now become one of the pillars of our business. For this reason, we believe that there is no such thing as corporate management that does not value human relationships.

    II.Healthy employees are a treasures
    There has been a time when an employee during our company's tenure has unfortunately lost her live due to illness, even though she had undergone annual health checkups. Therefore, our company takes the stance that we do everything we can to manage our health. We also actively participate in health events.

    III.Bringing interesting, different, and better things from the world
    We will always keep our antennas open to the world, and if possible (after the end of COVID-19), we will go there to gather information and introduce interesting, unusual, and better things to Japan. Of course, since we are a trading company, we can also help you with importing if you wish.

    IV.Production and export to start in recent years, making Oita a shining prefecture
    Currently, our biggest business pillar is the pet food business. We import and sell food eaten by birds of prey, reptiles, amphibians, and fish. However, our dependence on overseas production has led to a number of problems in recent years. Therefore, we are planning to start domestic production of this pet foot business. Once we are on track, we would like to introduce "Made in Oita" food to the world. We are also planning to enter the dog and cat food business.

    V.Becoming a prefecture with no pets to be killed
    As we continue our pet food business, we are troubled by the fact that there are many dogs and cats that unfortunately do not live out their lives due to human reasons. In order to reduce the number of cats and dogs that are killed to zero, we would like to build a facility in Oita Prefecture that follows the example of those in Europe. This is one of our aspirations for the future.

    VI.Turning dreams and hopes into reality
    We are planning to set up a facility in Oita Prefecture to introduce our products to Japan for the first time. Currently, we are planning to install a glass bridge called the Skywalk and a permanent gas balloon. Both of these facilities are the first permanent installations in Japan, and we believe that they will be very effective as tourism resources for Oita Prefecture. We will continue to propose interesting things and turn dreams and hopes into reality.

    Career・Company history

    1994Established as a limited company in Madokoro, Oita City, Oita Prefecture, and started importing and selling live fishing bait.
    Moved the head office to Sako, Oita City, and established Pet Division.
    March2003Began handling frozen mice and selling self-developed "Kansha" red cans.
    Established IT Support Division.
    December2003Moved back the head office to Madokoro, Oita City.
    January2004Began handling the fishing gear “SAGARI.”
    Began handling frozen river shrimp.
    November2005Started handling "Kansha" for commercial use.
    September2006Began handling "Kansha" black cans for commercial use.
    October2009Recycling business “The Eco Center” established.
    Started selling frozen stink bugs.
    Constructed Aosaki warehouse for business expansion.
    Started handling the digital signages.
    Started handling the steel balls and LED lightings.
    2017Purchased an experimental boat "TOMISHIRO" and held launching ceremony.
    October2017Purchased Tomishiro Building and Tomishiro Daini Building in Maki, Oita City.
    December2017Construction of an experimental facility for domestic mouse cultivation in Madokoro, Oita City, as a project adopted by the FY2015 supplementary manufacturing subsidy.
    Opened an aquarium shop “Ozai Uomikan” in Joharu, Oita City.
    Purchased a portion of the Oita City Distribution Business Complex (Oita Ryuutsuu Gyoumu Danchi) and began using it as “Tomishiro Warehouse.”
    December2018Rebuilt the headquarters office in Madokoro, Oita City.
    The reptile shop “Oizai Kimmikan” opened in Joharu, Oita City.
    Purchased the former site of Sugita Poultry Farm in Kumano, Kitsuki City.
    January2021Purchased a land in Shozakai, Oita City.
    Purchased a land in Madokoro, Oita City.


    • Tomishiro Building, Tomishiro Daini Building (currently leased by Oita International Human Resources Development Cooperative)

    • Tomishiro Warehouse (Partly leased by Hokubu Kyushu Nursing Care Support Network Cooperative and Zuijo Co.Ltd.)

    • Oazai Uomikan

    • Oazai Kinmikan

    • Nagayu Solar Power Plant

    • Kida Solar Power Plant

    • Tomishiro Eco Park (small wind power station and solar power station attached)

    • Kisagami Kakazan

    • Shozakai

    • Madokoro

    Achievements・Social Contribution

    • Achievements
      • Oita child-rearing support team(work and child-rearing support company)
        • Certified in December 2013 from December 2013 to March 2015
        • Certified in March 2017 from March 2017 to May 2020
        • Certified in June 2020 from June 2020 to May 2025
      • Health management office
        • Certified in March 2020 from April 2020 to March 2021
        • Certified in March 2021 from April 2021 to March 2022

      • Excellent Health Management Corporation 2020(Small and Medium-Sized Corporation Category)
        • Certified March 2020

      • Excellent Health Management Corporation 2021(Small and Medium-Sized Corporation Category)
        • Certified March 2021
    • Social Contribution
      • Has participated “Ozai Wasshoi” event in Ozai area for more than 10 years as a sponsor and an exhibitor.
      • Has participated in the summer and winter fireworks festival in Beppu City.
      • Specially sponsored as a single sponsor for the “Paper-cutting Art Exhibition” held at the Oita City Museum of Art  from April 19th, 2010 to June 9th, 2010.