Fishing Bait Division

From the establishment in 1994, our first job was the import and sale of fishing baits. Currently, there are more needs for lures (pseudo baits) than live baits, but we still import and sell lively polychaetes, red worms, green worms and ragworms for our customers.

Import Agency Division

We will import the glass bridges and the gas balloons as planned by Tomishiro Planning.

Mouse Breeding Division

This is a project to domestically produce frozen mice and rats that rely 100% on imports from overseas now.

Currently, we are looking for land and buildings, and when they are domestically produced, we are planning to export them overseas, mainly in Europe and the United States.

Insect Breeding Project

This is a project to breed blaptica dubias, crickets, and mealworms which feed on reptiles, amphibians, fish and so on.

We are currently doing small test breeding.

Kisagami Kakazan Division

This is a project to turn one mountain in Kisagami, Oita City into a natural park.

Trees that bear flowers and fruits are planted every season,

We will create a new place of relaxation.

There are also plans to build the old dog and cat houses and shelters on the premises.