Business Development Department


Business Development Department


Barrier-free food from Oita!

In order to eliminate the inconvenience and anxiety of Muslims visiting from overseas in Japan, we received a request from Tomishiro Foods Co., Ltd., a group company, from the end of 2020 and opened a new "Business Development Department". We have started importing, wholesale and retailing halal meat in Japan.

Currently, it is estimated that there are more than 1.8 billion Muslims in the world, but due to the increase in Muslim tourists, restaurants in Japan are also required to respond.

By providing a wide range of delicious halal meat in Japan that Muslims who come to Japan can eat with peace of mind, we would like to attract more Muslims and contribute to the development of Japan's tourism business! That is why we have started this business.


Better things from overseas to Japan.

Not limited to halal meat, we are constantly negotiating with overseas manufacturers and aiming to develop new products.

Although it is a business division that has just started, we will continue to meet your needs and strive to deliver better products to you at reasonable prices.

Our strength is our international human resources

Currently, our members can speak not only Japanese and English, but also their mother tongue (Indonesian, Uzbek, Arabic).

We also provide interpretation and translation services.